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exhibition space/conceptual art project


concept by Panpan Yang

co-founded by Panpan Yang and Jennifer Fleming

A 1920s semi-detached period house that has recently been transformed into a gallery, Small Gallery opened in 2023. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Small Gallery stands out in London's vibrant gallery scene for its close ties to top-tier art historians and museum curators, especially in the Asian art circle. Not-for-profit in nature, Small Gallery draws attention to mediums that are traditionally less favoured in the contemporary art market, such as found object, sound installation, performance art, and the moving image, and is dedicated to promoting talents of our time.


Small Gallery is named as such not only because it is literally small but also because "small" sounds like sīmó 斯磨, meaning "intimate" in Chinese. It represents a close working relationship, an alternative to the commercial model of mainstream galleries, and an effort to decolonise the contemporary practices of exhibition and display.

More importantly, Small Gallery is conceived as a contemporary art project that raises the question of the blurred boundary between art creation and curation. Seen at a different scale and as a whole, Small Gallery can be said to be a conceptual art project that explores the complex relationship between art and life. Put differently, it is a literally "contemporary" art experiment in which Panpan uses her everyday life as art materials. 

Small Gallery Illustration_small.jpg
Small Gallery Illustration - Wind Chimes-small.jpg

Small Gallery and the wind chimes at its doorstep,

drawings by Jennifer Fleming, 2023.

space of small gallery2
space of small gallery 3
space of small gallery 4
space of small gallery 7

The space of Small Gallery,

Current exhibition: Lisa Chang Lee: Wind Dwellers, until March 15, 2024

photo by Panpan Yang, 2023—24.

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