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LILI: Déjà vu

Site-specific installation 

Senate House, London, 2023

Lili created by Tim Yip

​pop-up installation and event initiated by Panpan Yang


Lili is a human-like, human-size sculpture created by Oscar-winning artist Tim Yip. Lili frequently travels with Tim Yip.

On May 4, 2023, Lili cosplayed a SOAS student. She was seated - not entirely comfortably  - on the huge stairs of the Senate House, SOAS University of London. This was the second time that Lili visited SOAS: a moment of déjà vu.

Lili was 16 years old when she was born. In the year of 2023, she was 16 in a double sense. Lili is outside of clock time, yet her presence always initiates a form of small time, a micro narraive, a micro drama in our everyday spaces.


A group of students came to see Lili. At this site, Panpan Yang led an impromptu seminar, in which students discussed topics ranging from the idea of "the real" in Chinese painting to AI art.


As always, Lili made new friends.

Lili, preparing for the day. photo by Jiaqi Zhang.

Panpan and Lili

Panpan Yang tidying up Lili's hair. Photo by Jiaqi Zhang.


Lili: Déjà vu, installation view, Senate House, London, 2023

photo by Jiaqi Zhang

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