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2023          AHRC Research, Development and Engagement Fellowship Grant, Arts and Humanities Research Council

2023          Sino-British Fellowship Grant, the Sino-British Fellowship Trust

2023          Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

2021           Seed Corn Fund, SOAS University of London

2021            Honorable Mention from the Association for Chinese Animation Studies


2021            Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award Nomination, The University of Chicago

2020           Dissertation Honor, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago

2019            Domitor Essay Award, Domitor, the International Society for the Study of Early Cinema


2019            Dissertation Workshop Grant, Getty Foundation Grant Steering Committee

2019            Title VI Grant for East Asian Media and Pedagogy Development, Center for East Asian Studies


2019           Course Arts Resource Fund

2019            Arts Summer Fellowship, University of Chicago 


2019            Student in Residence Funding, University of Chicago Center in Beijing


2019            Chinese Studies Conference Travel Grant, Chinese Studies Committee, University of Chicago 


2018            Chinese Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grant, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago 


2016, 18      Division of the Humanities Conference Reimbursement Grant, University of Chicago


2016, 18      CMS Department Travel Grant, University of Chicago


2016            Graduate Student Travel Grant, SCMS Asian Pacific American Caucus


2015–20     Graduate Aid Initiative Fellowship, Division of Humanities, University of Chicago


2013–14      Cinema Studies Department Tuition Remission Fellowship, New York University

2013            China’s National Excellent Young Screenwriter Award

2013            Wasserman Award for Creative Arts, New York University

2012            Best Creativity Award, Best Animation Award and Best College Student Film Award, China Microfilm Festival

2012            First prize in Creative and Cultural Industry Leader Competition in Beijing

2012            Filmmaking Fellowship, Peking University 

2012            New Oriental Award for Photographers

2011–12       Yuan Shixing Fellowship for Versatile Art-major Students

2010,11,12    Best Lighting Design, Peking University Annual Drama Festival


2010–11       Principal Fund Outstanding Thesis Award, Peking University


2010–11       1987 Alumni Fellowship, Peking University


2009–10     Guanghua Fellowship, Peking University

2009           Ten Best DV, Peking University 


2008–09    International Star Fellowship, Peking University​









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